Our Mission Fields

The evangelistic work of Hoskote Mission is going on in ten mission stations such as Hoskote, Bhaktharahalli, Ganagal, Kacharakanahalli, Kammasandra, Dunnasandra, Gonakanahalli, Malur, Dandupalya and Ummalu under the leadership of two missionary achens and ten evangelists. We organise Youth camps, women’s meeting, sunday school retreats, widow’s fellowship, jathra, youth meeting, Vacation Bible School etc for the spiritual nourishment of the villagers.

Churches under Hoskote Mission

Bhaktharahalli, Gonakanahalli, Dunnasandra, Malur, Hoskote, Kachirakanahalli, Dandupalaya, Ummalu, Ganagal, Kammasandra